Investor FAQS

What is Barnes & Noble Education?

Barnes & Noble Education is one of the largest contract operators of bookstores on college and university campuses in the United States. We create and operate campus stores that are the focal points for college life and learning, enhancing the educational mission of the institution, enlivening campus culture and delivering an important revenue stream to our partner colleges and universities.

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What is the stock ticker?

The stock ticker for Barnes & Noble Education is BNED.

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On what exchange is Barnes & Noble Education common stock listed?

Barnes & Noble Education (BNED) is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

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When did Barnes & Noble Education go public?

Barnes & Noble Education became a public company on August 2, 2015through a spin-off from Barnes & Noble, Inc.

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How do I purchase Barnes & Noble Education stock?

Barnes & Noble Education has no direct stock purchase plan. You can purchase Barnes & Noble Education stock through a broker.

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Does the Company pay a cash dividend?

Barnes & Noble Education does not pay a cash dividend on its stock and does not currently intend to pay cash dividends on its stock.

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Who are the Barnes & Noble independent accountants/auditors?

Ernst & Young are our independent accountants.

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Who is the Company's transfer agent?

The Company's transfer agent is Computershare. You can call them toll free at (800) 942-5909.

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Will the company have any debt?

We will have a 5year, $400mm Asset Backed Revolving Credit Facility to fund working capital and other liquidity needs. We will have no long term debt.

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Investor Contacts

Tom Donohue
Chief Financial Officer
(908) 991-2966
Carolyn J. Brown
SVP, Corporate Communications
(908) 991-2967
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