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Barnes & Noble Education Announces Expanded Library of Digital Courseware in Criminal Justice

May 16, 2019

BASKING RIDGE, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. (NYSE: BNED), a leading provider of educational products and services solutions for higher education and K-12 institutions, today announced it has expanded its library of BNC OER+ digital courseware to include 10 criminal justice courses.

Access to affordable learning materials remains a significant barrier to student engagement in higher education. While instructors in many academic disciplines have begun to adopt lower cost materials to support student affordability, criminal justice professors have had fewer high-quality, low-cost options available in their discipline, making these materials more difficult to adopt.

Priced at $25 per student, BNC OER+, formerly known as LoudCloud Courseware, blends open educational resources (“OER”) and originally authored content with a full range of ancillary materials, such as auto-graded practice problems, summative exams and homework activities. The courseware is highly customizable, empowering faculty to easily personalize their course material. Powered with analytics, the platform also provides integrated insights, enabling both students and their faculty to monitor performance and improve learning outcomes.

“In talking with various faculty members, we recognized an increased need for more low-cost, customizable content in the criminal justice discipline, and felt it was important to expand our library of courseware content to further drive affordability, accessibility and achievement for these students and faculty,” said Sesha Bolisetty, Head of Content Operations, BNED. “We look forward to partnering with additional faculty members in the coming semesters to deliver these engaging digital courses in the criminal justice field.”

According to a recent BNC OER+ user survey, more than 90 percent of students found the courseware content to be helpful in understanding the subject matter better. More than 85 percent of students felt the courseware platform interface was easy to use.

BNC OER+ has been well-received among faculty members leveraging the criminal justice material for their courses. Feedback includes:

  • “I have utilized the BNC OER+ platform at Penn State Beaver for two semesters. My students have found the platform easy to access, engaging, and they love the affordability. They particularly enjoy the videos directly linked to their readings. As a professor, I am excited that I can tailor the material to my lectures and state specific laws, issues, and current events while having a strong foundation already established in the platform. This provides me the opportunity to increase engagement and, ultimately, retention.” – Jodi Ann Gill, Criminal Justice Instructor, Penn State Beaver
  • "The Juvenile Delinquency course was developed by a team of experts who are actively teaching the subject and know firsthand the complexity of its themes in both the classroom and online settings. The course's design is student-centered, explaining the factors that contribute to juvenile delinquency and the process that juveniles face once in the juvenile justice system, in a clear and concise way. The course also includes thought-provoking learning resources such as videos, discussion questions and assignments to help instructors meet the learning objectives of the course. This course is a great platform for both instructors and administrators looking to update their Criminal Justice courses offered at their institution." – Glenda Torrealba, MCJ, Hillsborough Community College & Ana G. Mendez University
  • “Being able to rely on a rich set of course materials to use as a starting point is tremendously helpful, especially for professors who are teaching a new topic for the first time or who teach a topic only occasionally. The Homeland Security course is a good example. It provides a baseline package that our adjuncts can ‘grab and go fast.’ It also helps ensure that the course is consistent from semester to semester, and that it delivers the essential prerequisite baseline knowledge that is important for our more advanced courses. No matter who is teaching the course, we know the content will be right. BNED's courses contain rich material that is relevant, visually appealing and easy to use.” — Dr. Daniel T. Murphy, Massachusetts Maritime Academy
  • “Introduction to Criminal Law provides an excellent foundation for anyone interested in examining the topic. The reader is provided with the historical building blocks of criminal law and a tour through its development in the United States. Most importantly, the text provides an understanding of how individual criminal statutes are created, interpreted and applied. As a practitioner as well as an academic, I believe a student of criminal justice needs to understand how the criminal laws are actually applied by law enforcement and our federal and state courts. This text offers a balance between the theoretical approach and ‘real world’ impact of criminal law.” — Roger Wright, Professor Emeritus, University of Cincinnati Criminal Justice

BNC OER+ criminal justice course offerings include:

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Homeland Security
  • Victimology
  • Police Function
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Introduction to Criminal Law
  • Criminology
  • Correction Institutions
  • Juvenile Delinquency

All courses are available now for immediate use and class adoptions.

To learn more about BNC OER+ or to request a demo, visit: or contact


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