Barnes & Noble Education LoudCloud Drives Affordability and Accessibility at Campuses Nationwide with BNED Courseware

BNED Courseware Available for $25; Content Catalog Expanded to 32 Courses

BASKING RIDGE, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 3, 2018-- BNED LoudCloud, a Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. (NYSE: BNED) company, today announced that as part of its ongoing mission to drive affordability and accessibility on campuses nationwide, it has lowered the price of BNED Courseware to $25, and expanded its available subject offerings for the fall semester to 32 total courses.

Leveraging a foundation of high quality open educational resources (OER), including content from OpenStax, BNED Courseware combines the complete eText with a full range of ancillary materials to create an easily customizable platform for faculty that is available to students by the first day of class. Faculty have the ability to personalize their course with a wide range of materials developed by BNED, including auto-graded practice problems, summative exams, lecture slides and homework activities. It easily integrates with campus learning management systems (LMS), allowing for seamless, single sign-on access by students and a convenient gradebook sync option for faculty. Powered by its LoudSightpredictive analytics solution, the platform also provides integrated analytic insights, offering a core, differentiating feature that enables both students and their faculty to monitor performance and improve learning outcomes.

“BNED Courseware is an excellent solution for schools seeking new ways to drive down costs on campus while continuing to offer the high quality products and services their students and faculty need to succeed,” said Sean Sullivan, General Manager, BNED LoudCloud. “The time and effort of OER curation often hinders its use on campuses. We are removing that barrier, providing high quality OER content in a ready-to-use platform that reduces the cost of learning materials while improving student engagement and outcomes.”

Currently available through Barnes & Noble College and MBS Direct bookstores, BNED Courseware is also made available through Barnes & Noble College’s First Day™ inclusive access model. Inclusive access models offer course materials at reduced prices through a course materials charge for participating programs, and ensure students receive their materials on or before the first day of class.

“We are very pleased with the positive feedback we’ve received both from students and faculty about BNED Courseware, and look forward to increasing our catalog of courses across Business, Criminal Justice, Healthcare, and more,” said Ann Fraley, Vice President, Campus Solutions, BNED. “Ensuring that our schools have access to the widest choice of affordable materials, including OER, is critical to BNED’s mission of helping our partners drive the best outcomes for students.”

For more information on BNED Courseware and courses currently available, visit: www.bnedcourseware.com.

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